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Health and safety at workplace

Types of construction safety equipments

Construction safety equipments must be of a high standard and of high quality so that the quality of the work can be maintained. The following are some types of equipment used in construction safety:

1. Construction Site Safety Equipment Construction site safety equipment is one that is used to improve a person’s work efficiency and reduce work-related injuries. As most construction site safety equipment, it must be able to prevent injury but also should not limit an individual’s mobility or freedom of movement. It is the same as providing a safe workplace (safe work space).


2. Hazmat Suit and PPE Hazmat suits and personal protective equipment help protect people from hazardous materials. They are worn by workers who have hazardous material contact such as asbestos, lead, polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB), and chemical spills. A Hazmat suit and PPE must be durable enough that they will remain safe even after repeated use and exposure to heavy equipment and other hazards.

3. Protective Covering with Fire Protection Protective covering with fire protection is made of fabric or other material which protects an area when a fire occurs. This type of covering helps prevent smoke and heatfrom spreading.

4. Collapsible Bucket/Bottle and Sink Safe This equipment helps to prevent workers from being exposed to dangerous substances. This equipment fits into a bucket or bottle and protects the worker in case they fall.

5. Scissor Lift & Platform Scissor lift and platform are very important in any construction industry and they should be well placed to avoid fallingand injury. These platforms help in lifting heavy materials to the right height and then move them on a horizontal surface.

6. Bumper Stands Bumpers are small surfaces which can be moved up and down and are designed to prevent vehicle tires from damaging the pavement. This is a low-cost way to protect workers and vehicles from damage in construction and road works.

7. Hand Rail Hand rail is a flat metal bar with a hand grip on the end. It can be attached to posts and beams and is ideal foruse in a workplace where there is no fixed structure. The hand rail serves many purposes including preventing falls and helping people reach their workstation safely.

8. Ladder Safety Ladder safety equipment is usedto protect workers from falls. Ladders are a good way for workers to access and use areas. Ladders have several benefits, such as providing easier work and beingmore efficient since workers do not have to walk far to reach the ground. However, ladder safety must not be overlooked as it is anothervital part of securing the safety of workers.

9. Hose Line Protection Hose line protection is designed toprovide protection against injuries from falls when working with hazardous chemicals suchas paint.Hose line protection is designed to protect workers and the environment. It also prevents the useof the hose.

Construction and industrial workers are not permitted to work during the hottest hours of the day during the summer. Workers should be provided with safety gear and suitable clothing to protect them against injuries and dangers. They shall undergo medical examination to detect any occupational disease they may have contracted.


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