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Top 5 Practical Tips for a Construction Safety in UAE

Every day, thousands of people in the construction industry work hard to fulfill their dream into a house or office building. However many construction projects can be dangerous and make people sick in construction sites with improper safety equipment and construction site environment. Nowadays, it is not only about maintaining health and safety but also for companies’ profit and productivity. As per The National Health Commission, one out of every two workers who are on the construction site gets injured while working. This implies that the work of the construction industry is unsafe and cannot go on. Today we are sharing with you some of the top five practical tips for a successful safe work in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah and many other Construction Sites in the UAE. So without wasting any more time let’s get started.

1. Wear proper Work/Workplace Uniforms: First thing first, always wear your proper workplace uniform on every trip to a place where you are going to work, even if you are coming. It willhelp you keep yourself safe and also will save you from being fined and banned for breaching any occupational health and safety rules. If you don’t know how to take care of yourself and your health then it’s better for you to wear the right clothing and take necessary precautions. But remember to take your daily medication and be on the lookout for potential diseases like allergies which you might have and avoid them at all costs. You must be aware of this fact to getthe most out of the job and to keep your health at its best.

2. Do Regular Checkups: You have to always be in touch with the experts for timely advice during the project work. They can help you understand your job and make your job more productive. For example, if there are issues regarding the electrical wiring in your office or you feel it might be getting too hot, then the expert can fixthis issue without you having to do anything. Another common practice is giving your employees on-site health checkups after they have worked for a period of time and also giving them instructions on what to do in case they develop some minor symptoms. Most construction firms use these protocols to monitor employees and provide a sense of security and protection to both employers and workers.


3.Avoid Unnecessary Travel to Dangerous Areas: It takes your health and your productivity to serious level when you get exposed to hazardous situations on construction sites. Many times, people die because of the lack of knowledge of the work site’s surroundings. Make sure to avoid unnecessary travel to places with dangerous conditions. Your body needstime to adjust itself to the new environment and if you get sick within few hours after you get to a dangerous location.


4. Take Proper Risks and Never Underestimate Hazards: Safety measures cannot be ignored and no matter what kind of job you are doing, safety is a must. Every business has to have proper insurance and safety measures, so that they can cover the risks of the job. Even the smallest mistake could have dire consequences for you and thecompany. If you want to learn more about safety tips and safety guidelines for a perfect work environment, Al Bahri Hardware and Safety Equipment LLC is pioneer in safety equipment trading service which is providing top notch service to its customers throughout the UAE, we are just a call or email away for your safety.


5. Stay Hydrated: Most of the accidents onconstruction sites are caused by dehydration. By staying hydrated you protect your body and can fight against the effects of working in a toxic environment. Drinking plenty of water helps you stay healthy throughout the day. Water keeps you alert, clears your mind of stress.



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