Immersion Suits XTBFK-11

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    Immersion Suit XTBFK-11

    • The Immersion Suit XTBFK-11 is a high-quality dry suit designed to protect individuals from hypothermia in cold water.
    • This suit is made from fire retardant neoprene material, which is highly durable and can withstand exposure to harsh conditions.
    • The bright red color of the suit makes it highly visible on the open sea, ensuring that rescue teams can easily spot individuals in distress.
    • The suit features a watertight seal and is designed to keep the wearer dry in even the most challenging conditions.
    • It is designed to be easy to put on and take off, allowing individuals to quickly and easily prepare for emergencies.
    • The immersion suit meets all necessary safety certifications and is an essential safety item for anyone who spends time on or near the water.
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    Immersion Suit XTBFK-11

    Immersion Suit XTBFK-11 is a specialized type of waterproof dry suit designed to protect wearers from hypothermia when immersed in cold water. It is an essential piece of safety equipment for anyone who works or participates in activities on or near the water.

    The suit is made of high-quality fire-retardant neoprene material, which provides both warmth and visibility. The bright red color of the suit ensures high visibility in the open sea, making it easier for rescue teams to locate individuals in case of an emergency.

    The immersion suit is designed to fit snugly and comfortably around the wearer, providing excellent protection from the cold water. The suit is also equipped with a range of features, including a full-length waterproof zipper, a high-visibility hood, and adjustable straps and cuffs.

    The XTBFK-11 immersion suit meets all necessary safety certifications, including SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) and MED (Marine Equipment Directive) requirements. These certifications ensure that the suit is of the highest quality and meets all necessary safety standards.

    The immersion suit is made with variour high quality materials such as immersion suit, waterproof, dry suit, hypothermia, fire retardant neoprene, high visibility, safety equipment, SOLAS, and MED. 

    Material : Fire Retardant Neoprene

    Color : Red



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  • Red

  • Fire Retardant Neoprene

  • Made of Fire Retardant Neoprene for high visibility on the open sea.

  • Immersion Suits XTBFK-11

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