Phenolic Fabric Sheet

Category: Tapes

    • Material: Phenolic resin and cotton cloth
    • Characteristics: Woven cotton fabric impregnated with phenolic resins, bonded under heat and pressure
    • Properties: Excellent dielectric strength, good machinability, lightweight, heat and wear-resistant
    • Usage: Switches, bearings, gears, wear strips, gaskets, washers, etc.


    Material: It is made of phenolic resin and cotton cloth

    Characteristics: Fabric Phenolic Laminate sheets are  made with various weights of woven cotton fabric,  impregnated with specifically formulated phenolic resins,  bonded together under heat and pressure to produce a  thermoset composite. Offers superior machining, punching, and chemical  resistance characteristics under high temperature.

    Properties: Excellent dielectric strength, Good  machinability, Lightweight, Heat and wear resistant,

     Usage: Switches, Bearings, Gears, Wear strips, Gaskets, Washers etc.


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  • Phenolic Fabric Sheet

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