VOSS Safety Helmet

    • Fits perfectly around a person's head
    • Provides protection from accidents and mishaps.
    • Lightweight but extremely durable
    • Available of Green, Red, Yellow and Orange Color
    • We are the top Safety Helmet Supplier in UAE


    Possible common accidents in workplace can be mitigated by using right gear. A lot of people have lost their lives by accidents related to something falling on their head or due to them falling from somewhere head first. The head is one of the most delicate parts of our body and proper protection should always be provided to it especially in places where there is a high chance of accidents. The VOSS Safety Helmet from VOSS not only protects a person's head from trauma and injury but also tries to keep it cool during summer. As a top Safety Helmets Suppliers in UAE, VOSS Saety Helmets are available on different color and models:

    VOSS Safety Helmet INAP G4 GREEEN

    VOSS Safety Helmet INAP G4 RED

    VOSS Safety Helmet INAP 90/6  Orange

    VOSS Safety Helmet INAP PCG  Yellow






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  • VOSS Safety Helmet INAP G4 GREEEN, VOSS Safety Helmet INAP G4 RED, VOSS Safety Helmet INAP 90/6 Orange, VOSS Safety Helmet INAP PCG Yellow

  • Safety Helmets Suppliers in UAE

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