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    GB-01A Cooling Vest helps cool people working and living in hot and high-temperature environments.

    •  V-neck with zipper closure, adjustable size, and length.
    • Embedded-pocket inside, frozen cold storage bag embedded inside pocket of the vest.
    • Nontoxic, non-irritant, solid gel type, non-deformation, and elastic coolant, no overflow even the pocket is broken.
    • High potential heat value of coolant up to 258kj/kg, super long cold insulation.
    • Adustable closed-fit temperature: 14-20C

    Specification:Polyester fabric vest +4pcs water gel cooling bag
    Working time: Environment temperature 33℃ :4hours
                            Environment temperature 41℃ :2hours

    Service life: Repeated use 750 times


    GB-01A Cooling Vest

    GB-01A Cooling Vest Purpose
    1. Fit for cooling in the environment of high temperature, high heat, or high moisture, such as smelting, foundry, glass, forging, fire fighting, cooker, etc.;
    2. Fit for people working outdoors, such as petroleum, traffic police, landscaping and ground keeping, electricity, railway, construction, driver, etc.;
    3. Fit for outdoor sports, training, mountain climbing, fishing, golf, and other recreational activities, or for agricultural places.

    GB-01A Cooling Vest Usage
    1. To be used after the freezing; put the energy storage pouches into a refrigerator till being frozen completely. Put the energy storage pouches into the coldness-insulation bags, and then put them into the pockets with coldness insulation boards.
    2. To be used after refrigeration or cool environment (cool water).

    GB-01A Cooling Vest Notes
    1. When the energy storage pouches are not in use, put them into the refrigerator, preparing for future uses. If the pouches will not be in need for a long time, store them in an environment of normal temperatures, and avoid exposing them to sunlight.
    2. Tips: It is better to put the collapsible energy storage pouches into the pockets at the chest, to make yourself move more flexibly.
    3. Don’t prick or cut the pouches with pointed particles. When the pouches are broken or leaking, wash them with clear water.
    4. The coolant is innocuous but shall not be swallowed.


    GB-01A Cooling Vest Applications:
    Cool people working and living in hot and high-temperature environments.


    Al Bahri Hardware and Safety Equipement is dealing with Cooling vest in UAE since three decades. If you have any queries related to GB03 Cooling Vest, please do not hesitate to ask us. We are just a single chat or call away.

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