LS01 Lane Divider

Category: Lane Dividers

    LS01 Lane Divider

    • Installed on a base is very easily noticed by drivers while driving.
    • Traffic Lane Separator Rubber Road Divider


    LS01 Lane Divider

    This rubber Lane Separator with highly reflective strips is a durable modular system design with a unique T-shape to separate traffic by creating separate lanesThere are multiple uses for this product: Keeps vehicles in lanes, separates vehicles and pedestrians, separates vehicles and bicycle traffic, isolates work zones and directs traffic direction Middle Section & Rebound Post Sold Separately.

    Installed on a base is very easily noticed by drivers while driving.
    Used on roadways, turnings, entrance, highway crossing, intersections.
    Works normally in night and bad weather.

    Material : Rubber with reflective film

    Color : Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink

    CBM : 82 x 45 x 30

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  • LS01 Lane Divider

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