Steel Cable Anchorage Sling

    Steel Cable Anchorage Sling

    • Swaged double-ended loop sling.
    • Anchorage device for use in fall restraint and fall arrest systems
    • Meets or exceeds EN 795:2012 type B, CEN/TS 16415:2013, EN 354:2010


    Swaged double-ended loop sling.

    This is a swaged double-ended loop sling, with the model number 45-IK AS. It comes in 4 standard lengths, but can also be ordered in other lengths. The sling is designed to be used as an anchorage device in fall restraint and fall arrest systems, and is suitable for industrial, construction, and utility environments. It conforms to the EN 795:1997 Class B standard, and is made from galvanized steel cable with a diameter of 6mm.

    Model Number : 45-IK AS

    Size : 4 standard lengths, other lengths on request

    Application : Anchorage device for use in fall restraint and fall arrest systems

    Areas of use : Industrial, construction and utility environments

    Standard : EN 795:1997 Class B

    Material : Made form Ø 6mm galvanized steel cable

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  • Steel Cable Anchorage Sling

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