110 Cordless Foam Earplug by STEIF

    Foam Earplug by STEIF provides noise-blocking performance in a single-use earplug.

    • Pliable design slowly expands, conforming to your ear canal to help block out hazardous noise
    • Soft, smooth design enhances comfort for longer wear
    • Easy to insert and remove
    • Expands slowly to fit a wide range of ear canal sizes
    • One Size Fits All


    Foam Earplug by STEIF Key Features
    Provides superior noise-blocking performance in a single-use earplug. A contoured bell-shape is easier to insert, resists the tendency to back-out of the ear canal. Comfort especially for long-term wear. Smooth, soil-resistant closed-cell foam skin prevents dirt build-up.

    Recommended Industries
    Building & Construction, Chemical Industries, Fishing, Glass Industries, Iron & Steel Industry, Maintenance, Paper Industries, Textile Industries, Army-Defence, Automotive, and Part Manufacturer, Welding, Agriculture, Wood Industries, Ship Building, Printing Industries, Fire Protection Brigades


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  • Foam Earplug by STEIF

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